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Your Epic Summer
Camp Adventure Awaits

Lifelong memories are made in the Great Outdoors. The smell of the campfire, swimming & jumping in the lake, s’mores, and songs: all the things that remind us of the great days spent at summer camp as a kid. Relive & Recreate unforgettable memories in the calm serenity of this beautiful lakeside camp 





Highland Grove Camp was formerly Camp Diamond & Kids of Canada Camp & also an Outdoor Education Centre. We are offering cabins for families and camping enthusiasts to rediscover the joys of glamping: swimming, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating & paddle boarding in the quiet non-motorized lake,  hiking through the trails, or just relaxing by the fire pit cooking s'mores & making lasting memories.



The camp is located by Big Hardings Lake: a quiet non-motorized lake. The small community of Highland Grove is located northeast of Harcourt on Loop Road (County Road 648). The community of Highland Grove is rich with beautiful landscapes. 

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